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I'm a 52 yrs. young (arg) male physically challenged individual originally form San Jose, CA. I'm interested in all manner of things from computers, to swimming. I hope to be able to help my fellow phys. challenged peers (and myself) gain access to experiences and pursuits that we may have previously thought not possible. That is what this blog and web site are going to be all about. What we CAN do, as apposed to what we believe we can't do. So, let's do it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adaptive Equipment

Here's some information on new and hopefully useful equipment (depending on your particular disability)

Below is a really good example of a new type of hand control that can be fitted to any automatic transmission vehicle. It runs around $295.
Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Control

Getting Out There

Now I would like to convey some information concerning 'disabled' sports. What's out there. What's available to you, in your area. These are going to be links that you can access that should take you toyour particular neck of the woods as far as locations                            .www.dsusa.org/about-overview.html

For skiing info, try                                                                      
This cover locations, types of equipment, lessons, etc.                     skicentral.com/adaptive.html

If you would like to try your hand at wheelchair basket ball, check out;


Monday, September 28, 2009

This Ability.org

Monday, September 28, 2009

I personally have been frustrated in the past with trying to find out information concerning my disability. In my case, I fell off a cliff when I was 19, and broke my back. L2-3 vertebra. That was 32 years ago. For most of those 32 years, I (feeling sorry for myself) tended to dwell on my disabilities. What I couldn't do as apposed to what I CAN do. This blog will concentrate solely on what we CAN do, no matter your (so called) limitations. We've come a long way in 32 years with respect to new technologies dealing with equipment for adaptation in sports, transportation, travel, accessibility, even in people’s attitudes toward us. We live in a wonderful time. I personally want to take advantage of it.

And as I continue with this blog, and soon to be web site, me focus is going to be on those things I mentioned above. Equipment, new types of wheel chairs. Sports adaptation gear and access to venues that make use of those things. For instance, there are Disabled Skiing groups all over the place that will supply the equipment, and teach us how to use it. I don't know about you, but I really miss zooming down a hill, the cold wind in my face.

In conclusion, what I'm aiming for is nothing less then people like us being able to do things we wrote off along time ago as 'undoable'. We only have one go round on the big crazy ball. So let's have one! (a ball)

Tell next time, and more info. From yours truly, Philip